Through 2015 and 2016, the University of Glasgow will be hosting a series of events commemorating the 450th anniversary of the birth of James VI of Scotland. Building on a range of recent work on Scottish noble power and culture, this opening conference focused on the dynamics between James and his magnates over the course of his personal reign in Scotland. Speakers:

  • Amy Blakeway (Homerton College Cambridge): ‘A ‘good servant’? James VI and James Douglas, Regent Morton’
  • Ross Crawford (University of Glasgow): ‘Beyond Basilikon Doron: The Development of James VI’s Highland Policy’
  • Paul Goatman (University of Glasgow): ‘James VI, Noble Power and the burgh of Glasgow, c. 1580-1605’
  • Julian Goodare (University of Edinburgh): ‘The Octavians’
  • Ruth Grant: ‘Friendship, Politics and Religion: George Gordon, Sixth Earl of Huntly and King James VI, 1581-1595’
  • Anna Groundwater (University of Edinburgh): ‘’Your brother in na termes’: James VI’s suppression of the Scott-Ker bloodfeud’
  • Amy Juhala (Bismarck State College): ‘“For the King Favours Them Very Strangely”: The Rise of James VI’s Chamber, 1598 to 1603’
  • Adrienne Miller (University of Edinburgh): ‘Rise of a Courtier: the second duke of Lennox and strategies of noble power under James VI’
  • Steven Reid (University of Glasgow): ‘Of Bairns and Bearded Men: the noble politics of the Ruthven Raid’
  • Jenny Wormald (University of Edinburgh): ‘Understanding Gowrie: do we really need to wait for the Day of Judgement?’

For more information, please contact Miles Kerr-Peterson:


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